Producer and Special Projects

Aside from dancing, choreographing and filming I have done some Producing, co producing and interesting collaborations with visual Artists, digital artist, circus performers and more. Here are some examples of unique projects I was involved in


During the Covid 19 pandemic Chisato Katsura, First artist of The Royal Ballet
Russel Gray, owner of the Hoxton Docks building and myself produced a
A free, socially distanced public show on the Regents canal for us to quench
our thirst for performing and give the people high quality, wold class Ballet and
Circus performing show which proved greatly popular and it attracted the wold
attention, covered by every major national and international news agency and
Introducing thousands of people to the art of ballet and acrobatics

Romeo and Juliet by Johan Kobborg and Sergei Polunin

Choreographed by Johan Kobborg and produced but the world famous Sergei Polunin
To be performed in front of 13.000 people in the famous Arena in Verona, Italy I created
The role of Mercutio along side the dancers from the Polunin Ink company,


I choreographed and danced a new Bolero, in collaboration with Producer and d director Rosie Collins and designer John Lucy , we developed and innovative way to design abstract visuals from pre recorded movements. Performed at the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City in front of a 10.000 strong audience.

Live Painting with Vanessa Garwood

In collaboration with painter Vanessa Garwood I choreographed a piece which was suitable
To be painted live, on a glass wall, creating a live painting performance.
This particular collaboration was an interesting take on the two worlds of painting and
Live ballet, it took us a couple of month to develop the right material, speed and delivery
To be able to encapsulate a performance and create permeant art work from it.